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Scripted Series

Behind the Wheels

Hosted by DJ R-Tistic and E.B.

Produced by:

Melisa D. Monts, Naledi Nyahuma Seck

Edited by:

Katrina Henning


Adapted from the acclaimed Brazilian author’s short story of the same name, Cidinha Da Silva bring us a vibrant short series poems about the meeting and making human connections with an interesting stranger.

FARRINA directed by Melisa D. Monts starring Bahni Turpin and Dominique Ariel Toney.


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Mr. Student Body President

When the new principal threatens to dissolve the student government, Tyler Prendergast, the upstanding student body president, begins to reveal his true colors... and his willingness to stop at nothing to maintain power.

Producer Melisa D. Monts


Seasons 1-4 Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

2 time Streamy Award Winner

Podcast, Podcasts, Podcast Production

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